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DITY vs. Hiring a Relocation Expert

As many military families can attest, different PCS situations call for different means of making the move a reality. Factors like time of year, operational tempo, ages of children, or even the specific assignment location are considerations for what type of move to make. 


For some, the “DITY” or Do It Yourself move, now known as a PPM (Personally Procured Move) makes the most sense. Maybe you have been burned on waiting an extended period of time to receive household goods or perhaps too many of your beloved treasures have arrived damaged. It could be that you are leaving your current place during a time of mass exodus and you don’t want to be held up by the logistical hoops the military wants you to jump through. Or, maybe you just prefer to be in control of the packing, loading, driving, and unloading of your personal belongings. 

While it will vary depending on weight, mileage, and other individual factors, military service members tend to pocket a significant payout in exchange for their sweat equity when it comes to a DITY or PPM. 

Military Movers

However, for others, a PCS is already wrought with a lot of stress so just letting the military movers jump in to do the heavy lifting is more your speed. You are willing to take your chances on pack-out dates, the safety and condition of your household goods, and the waiting for delivery and set up on the other end at your next assignment. 

Maybe you aren’t looking to make a profit off of your move during a time that already feels overwhelming with too much to do and too little time to do it. 

Relocation Experts

But did you know there is actually a third option? One in which you maintain control of the external pieces of your move but you aren’t personally packing boxes and loading furniture onto a moving truck in the extreme heat of summer? 

Enter hiring a relocation expert. According to, a relocation specialist may offer any of the following services: 

  • Accurate city-to-city comparisons for the cost of living and housing
  • Recommendations and evaluations of reputable moving firms and moving service providers
  • Counseling on family moves, and strategies for reducing relocation\’s impact 
  • In-depth and detailed knowledge of the communities that they serve, and what new residents should know
  • Wide and deep connections with local organizations to help relocating homeowners join the community
  • Assistance in a spouse\’s job search
  • Essential advice on basic tax and legal implications of relocation

Beyond these areas of expertise, many relocation specialists will also help you to contract local packers at your current duty station, transportation companies to load up your things, drivers, and someone to unload and unpack on the other end. Services like professional cleaning, organizing, or even donation of unwanted items can be arranged as well. 

Whether a full Do It Yourself move appeals to you, relying on the military transportation department to do it all, or hiring a relocation expert– the good news is that you have plenty of good options for getting from point A to point B during your next move. 

By carefully weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each scenario, you are sure to choose the best fit for your unique situation.