woman using smart phone in home to control the temperature

DIY: Simple Technology Upgrades for Your Home

There are simple technology upgrades that you can do in nearly every room in your home. For most, you don’t need expensive or specialty tools. Just a weekend and a little bit of work. Not only will many of these projects lead to a smarter, happier home, but many of them could also add dollars back into your pocket when it’s time to PCS and move on to your next duty station. Homebuyers who identify as Millennials and Generation X-ers tend to prefer homes that have been updated with new technology. 


So maybe you aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger on a smart refrigerator or can’t quite justify the cost of a full replacement when your fridge is still going strong. Opt instead for the in-fridge camera. These connect to wifi and if you install more than one, you can easily inspect the contents of the refrigerator when you’re out at the store and curious about whether or not you still have soy sauce or pickles. Some systems even allow alerts to be sent directly to a smartphone if someone in the house is trying to resist the urge to snack. 

Living Area

These days having surround sound for your television or connecting music or podcasts throughout the entire house is easier than ever. Most installations can be done without professional help or tools. Just make sure you have the right stands, mounts, and brackets, and you will be having your own dance party around the house before you know it. Systems like Sonos, Sound Form, Nest Mini, or Echo Dot are some of the most popular and known for ease of installment and access.


No longer does getting a shower have to be a boring and mundane experience. Installing a smart shower head can give you the power of precision when it comes to regulating the perfect temperature, water pressure, and more. App-controlled shower experiences are not only incredibly luxurious and pampering, but many help to regulate or reduce water consumption, thus making for environmentally happier bathing. 


If you regularly wake during the night and need to get up to use the restroom, console, or feed a baby, or perhaps just need a comforting midnight snack, consider installing motion-activated LED lighting under your bed. This is a quick and simple project. Instead of fumbling in the dark, using your phone’s flashlight, or turning on a lamp, having this helpful ambient light could be a game-changer. Not only will it reduce the disruptions to your bed-buddy or partner, but it will also be an added safety feature reducing stubbed toes and bumping into furniture.


Sure, your garage door has been wireless for decades. These days, however, you don’t need a clicker to open and shut the garage door. Today’s smart technologies can alert you if you have left your garage open, help you manage access to letting in a service professional if you aren’t home, and you can even monitor activity inside the garage remotely. Whether you are adding a new smart garage door or simply retrofitting an existing opener, with a few hours you can easily update and upgrade your home’s connectivity and convenience. 

Porches and Entries

Finally, some of the most common tech upgrades you can add have to do with the safety and security of your property. Adding motion detecting or sensing lights outdoors and updating the door locks to smart locks can have a huge payoff both for personal peace of mind as well as (in some cases) lowered homeowners’ insurance rates. Most lighting and locking systems these days can be controlled by an app and can offer helpful features like alarms and security monitoring.