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DIY: Table Centerpieces

Most military families move a lot, a fact you are probably personally and painfully aware of already. You also typically live far away from family and have to navigate the waters of making new friends, fitting into new jobs, and creating new home spaces that blend new and old traditions together. One easy way you can begin to create new memories in a new environment is by physically crafting them. A particularly easy way to do this is with basic, DIY crafts that not only give you a chance to bond in and with your new place, but also provide decorations that are specific to your new area. Table centerpieces are decorative touches that you can use in your current home space as well as take with you when you move on as a souvenir of the home you’re leaving behind. Here are three simple tips to keep in mind when planning a centerpiece project.

Make it a family affair. If you’re going to create a centerpiece to commemorate your family’s memories, moves, etc., make it a family affair. Children love to be creative and many love craft time. Plan a project that lets them have some creative say in what the centerpiece will look like and try to pick a project that allows them to help with the physical creation as well.

Create a theme. Decide what your centerpiece will represent. Will it help your family get excited about a new place or commemorate the one you just came from? Do you want to blend the old with the new? Do you want to celebrate moving to a new state? Is this craft idea something you plan to make a tradition? Once you’ve decided what your centerpiece will be all about, start thinking about what you need to complete it. Maybe you’ve decided to celebrate your new state. Does it have a special something it’s known for, like citrus fruit or cowboy culture? Again, discuss as a family and settle on a concept you can all like.

Consider permanence. Will this centerpiece project be something temporary or permanent? If you plan on making a centerpiece to cherish for a long time, your materials will be different. However, you can have lots of creative fun with a temporary centerpiece designed to help you feel a little more at home in your new surroundings. If you decide to go the permanent route, where will your centerpiece be located? A kitchen or dining room table may need materials that can withstand lots of meals while a coffee table centerpiece might not need to be quite so sturdy.

Whatever type of centerpiece you choose, the family activity will definitely help you learn more about your new home base. You’ll have fun choosing what to make, of course, but you’ll also need to get out and about in your new hometown and learn where things are as you gather what you need. Every move means a new place that you get to learn to call home. Here’s a fun and easy way to start making that transition.