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Prepping Your Home with Curb Appeal on a Budget

Besides location, nothing is more critical when selling your home than that first impression. If your house doesn’t have that all-important positive vibe, buyers are likely to dismiss it before they really give it a chance. That first impression starts with the outside. How inviting, welcoming, well-maintained, and current does your home appear when first approaching it? If you’ve been wondering how best to make your home’s curb appeal pop, look no further than the tips we have for you.

Keep that lawn well-manicured. The simplest and most budget-friendly advice starts with keeping your lawn groomed and maintained. Mow the grass regularly, on a diagonal if possible. Trim trees and shrubs and rake up any leaves and other debris. Weed flower beds, plant fresh flowers, and lay down mulch to finish the look. Consider adding plants, planters, window boxes, etc. that accentuate key elements such as windows and entryways.

Focus on the front door. After the lawn, the number one piece of advice experts give on improving curb appeal has to do with making your front door pop. Repaint or restain the door to make it a focal element. While you’re at it, replace the hardware, especially if it’s worn, scratched, or just plain out of style. If your door is truly outdated, consider replacing it altogether. Don’t forget to add some décor, like a welcoming wreath, as well.

Wash those windows. Almost nobody likes to wash windows, but now is the time to do it. Sparkling clean windows make a huge difference. After you get the windows clean, turn the hose on pathways, sidewalks, driveways, and the front of your house. Wash away dirt and debris for a clean, uncluttered look. Put away any toys, trashcans, or recycling bins.

Upgrade or fix the mailbox. If you’re like many homeowners, you’ve got a mailbox on your property. Give it a scrub, repaint it, and freshen it up. If it leans or is loose, fix it. If it’s old, replace it, and consider upgrading if you do.

Shine a spotlight. We don’t mean install an actual spotlight, but focus on outdoor lighting. Replace burned-out bulbs, clean light fixtures, maybe even spring for some new fixtures if yours are old or worn. Modernizing the look of your lights makes a huge difference. If you do replace light fixtures, consider replacing your house numbers to match. Don’t forget landscape lighting. If you have accent lights, make sure they are all in working order and look nice.

Do the little things. Finally, focus on the little things. Take care of those small repairs you’ve been putting off, like replacing torn screens, touching up paint or stain, caulking around windows, and replacing or repairing worn trim. While these elements might be small and easily forgotten on a daily basis, potential buyers will notice them.

Improving curb appeal doesn’t have to come with costly landscaping bills. A few new items and a bit of manual labor can have your home looking like the gem you know it is. Create an inviting atmosphere that draws buyers in and has them feeling like this could be their new home—before they’ve even stepped foot inside. They’ll never know your million-dollar look didn’t cost anywhere near that.