Why You Should Take a Day Trip to a Local Getaway

Whether you are new in town or have lived in your current home for a while, it can be a truly invigorating experience to get out and try something new in your local area. It is likely that you already have in mind an attraction on your bucket list, but in case you need some inspiration to jog your memory or encourage you, look to sites like Tripadvisor or ask a neighbor what their absolute favorite local fun out has been since living in the area. 

The question remains, “Why should you take a day trip somewhere local?” Well, consider these three compelling points.

It connects you to the geography, culture, and cuisine of an area. 

Whether you are planning to see a state park local to your area, visit a vineyard and winery, or make a reservation for a tour or meal somewhere nearby, any attempt to see or experience something local better connects you to the area’s geography, culture, and cuisine. Get out and hike the mountain or stroll the local beach. Attend the parade or festival celebrating the history of your city. Try the grits, perogies, falafel, or empanadas that local dive is known for.

It can be less of a time and financial commitment than a longer trip. 

By taking on a day trip you are giving yourself time, a distance, and likely a financial boundary. You are only participating in activities that can fit into a window of 24 hours. This forcing function allows you to prioritize and focus on one or two specific intentions without the overwhelm or exhaustion of making an entire weekend or week out of a trip. Additionally, you may find that many local attractions are either free or low cost when you can plan the outing in the off-season or take advantage of discounted prices for locals. 

… For the sheer and pure enjoyment of doing it…

When you live somewhere for any amount of time, it can become easy to let your surroundings blend into or fade into the humdrum of a commute, of slogging away at work, of getting home and finding yourself exhausted or jumping into chores and tasks that need maintenance. When you take a trip to a local getaway, it affords you a chance to hit pause on life’s responsibilities, to get out either alone or with your family, to recharge, and enjoy yourself for the sake of entertainment and amusement. 

Taking the time to recharge, even somewhere very close to where you live can also foster appreciation for your city or town and the people in your community. It can evoke positive emotions that help to create a memory that weeks or days later you contemplate and connect to your home and life. And the next time there’s a new neighbor who moves into your neighborhood who asks for some great local recommendations, you just might have a good answer to offer.